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Basic Information

Derived from the name of the Magi - a mystic-priest1 caste from ancient Persia2 - a Magician is one who studies and practices magic. Similar derivations include mage and magus.

Although its roots are in theurgy, the term is mostly considered synonymous with wizard.

The Magi (sometimes unhelpfully referred to as Chaldeans) were famous throughout the ancient world for their knowledge of astrology, alchemy and similar forms of mysticism … and, just as frequently, for trickery and deceit as well.

Also noteworthy is that in (some versions of) the religion of the original Magi the divine principle that they venerated was opposed by a dualistic 'anti-deity' which was served by its own priesthood known as Goetes. Given that magic was practiced by Magi, it is perhaps no surprise that the Goetes practiced goetics


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