Maine Man Tries to Build Dirty Bomb, No One Cares
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February 11, 2009: A white supremacist who was reportedly very upset over the election of Barack Obama to the office of president, tried to build a dirty bomb. The plot was stopped when he was shot dead by his wife on December 9, 2008 in Belfast, Maine.

Fortunately it appears that the possibility of the man in question ever building an effective device was very small to start with and he was more of a Walter Mitty style wannabe villain than a real threat. Which is probably why no-one cares. Such tends to be the reality of the lone 'evil genius'.



Game and Story Use

  • If the PCs learned of this plot, it could be their job to stop this guy before he manages to deploy it.
  • The GM can start an Alternate History campaign by having his plot succeed and killing the president (and possibly much of the cabinet).
  • If you like red-herring plots for your PCs, this would be an ideal one - perhaps a false scent whilst going after real terrorists. A wannabe villain with neither the skill or the capability to do harm, but still engaging in enough activity to attract the interest of investigators … and, it seems, to annoy his wife.
  • Alternatively, a 'wierd one' to liven up a dull night for Police Officers - an apparently routine domestic that turns out to be more interesting than it seemed.
    • If you're all up with CSI: The RPG type stuff, this could actually be an old fashioned murder with a overly imaginative excuse.
  • Could be an appropriate nemesis for a Mall Ninja … the two are well suited to one another.
  • He could be part of a group. Radioactive material can be surprisingly easy to get (see the radioactive boy scout), and his allies might be planning to set more dirty bombs… or even a homemade nuke.
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