Man, 72, 'stoned to death by monkeys' in India
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October 21, 2018

In Tikri, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, an elderly man was stoned to death by monkeys whilst gathering firewood. Apparently the monkeys used a supply of bricks liberated from a nearby ruin.

This is, perhaps, not as odd as it sounds - parts of India are plagued by aggressive monkeys and monkeys are know to throw … various things … at anything they consider a good target. It appears likely their victim approached their tree looking for deadfall and was attacked, possibly as a threat to the troop.


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Game and Story Use

  • Being bombarded by monkeys could make a surprisingly dangerous nuisance encounter, especially in urban environments, ruins or rough ground where they have a height advantage and a good supply of hard objects to throw. Otherwise being showered with monkey crap is still "somewhat annoying".
    • For added hilarity, there might be a small chance of a monkey flinging some UXO, especially in a warzone.
    • Pulp literature in particular retains a trope of harvesting fruit from a monkey infested tree by throwing stones at the monkeys - which then respond by flinging whatever comes to hand, including fruit. Whether that works in real life or not is unknown to me.
  • In a less monkey friendly society, this could be a signal for a grand monkey hunt, for which all sorts of low level people could be hired.
    • Although people roaming the city shooting a monkeys could be a menace in their own right.
  • Presumably some of the more carnivorous monkeys might take to hunting in this manner - it would only take a troop to kill a passer by, feed on the body and decide it was worth the effort and they would be flinging rocks at all sorts of things. The era of animals not using missile weapons could be at an end.
  • Many Indians believe in reincarnation - did the victim upset one of the monkeys in a previous life?
    • Reincarnation or not, did he upset one of the monkeys in this life? Chase one out of your kitchen yesterday, find it and its relatives flinging rocks at your head tomorrow. Sort of like chavs.
    • Indian Hindus might also wonder if the man had offended Hannuman in some way…
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