Man arrested, accused of threatening to kill Obama
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June 6, 2009: Aliens attempt to save the planet by killing the President of the United States. Or at least that's what the crazy guy claimed before Secret Service arrested him. Apparently the aliens are afraid of the current banking disaster and feel the need to pull out large sums of cash and go to a casino in Nevada. Trust me, just read the article.[1]



Game and Story Use

  • In an investigative game you could have the group come across something like this, but the only alien is the President.
  • You could run a campaign where the group is extraterrestrials who are trying to save planet earth and one of the hard decisions they must make is to kill someone famous.
  • The crazy nut job character is always fun to have in a game. They can give lots of good intel to the players, but can also be just another red herring.
  • For those who love conspiracies, this could be the result of a failed programming by someone like MKULTRA (or MKFRUITBAT for that matter…).
  • This could result from a botched telepathic sending - perhaps the aliens are telepaths and have remote-contacted the first sensitive human they could get: they want to speak to a human leader (represented by the President) about a matter of economic benefit (trade perhaps?) - however they have used inappropriate imagery (or the wrong associations). Perhaps the contactee dislikes Obama, so the message to contact him was interpreted as an instruction to attack and perhaps his idea of "potential to make lots of money" involves a casino. Such may be the hazards of translation between species…
  • For a moderately cynical campaign, this is merely a slander cooked up to discredit a political opponent of the current regime picked up for political reasons.
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