Man Builds Shotgun Out of Stuff He Bought at an Airport Terminal
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December 2 2013

A man named Evan Booth has built a shotgun - of sorts - out of components freely sold in the secured areas of an airport terminal. Whilst not, perhaps, a firearm of the first quality it was certainly capable of driving pennies through drywall and was apparently reusable following the first shot. This is apparently not the only expedient weapons that he has created from supposedly safe components.

This would seem to be quite alarming for those whose entire basis for securing air travel is comprehensive disarmament of all passengers.


Original Story at PJ Media

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Game and Story Use

  • Potential evidence that the crafting systems in some cRPGs are not completely unrealistic.
  • Nor some RPG gadgetteering rules.
  • GMs might need to apply a certain amount of handwaving to what exactly a character uses to built his devices though…
  • Good luck statting this weapon.
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