Man is found glued to toilet seat
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November 2, 2008: A man has been glued to a toilet seat with super-glue by an unknown prankster after using a public toilet. He hat to be taken to a hospital together with the seat.



Game and Story Use

  • This might be a useful dirty trick to pull on an enemy if you want to prevent him from going to a really important meeting.
  • Since it's generally a good idea to give PCs a chance to avoid such traps, and the players will likely become suspicious if you ask them about such mundane issues as going to the lavatory (see Bottomless Bladder), it's best if this happens to an allied NPC if you want to inconvenience the PCs with this).
  • A prankster villain - one who confines themselves to the non-violent but annoying - may be an interesting ethical challenge to PCs whose repetoire usually extends exactly as far as killing those who cross them.
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