Man petitions to marry comic book character
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October 30, 2008: A Japanese man has started a petition which would allow people to marry cartoon characters.

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Game and Story Use

  • While that petition might seem ludicrous, marriages do not necessarily have to be to other people. Marriages to divinities, abstract concepts, and so forth might also be possible - and in some worlds, such marriage vows might have a mystical power of their own.
    • Perhaps it is possible in some worlds to create a fictional character - via a novel, poem, painting, or other medium - and through supernatural marriage vows bring them to life.
      • These beings may or may not return to their original form if the marriage vows are broken - either could have interesting story potential.
  • When one of the couple dies, their spouse might inherit some of their natural property, which may have very strange results.
    • In the Far North, the land is wreathed in snow, and the kings and queens take care to marry off one of their children to the Winter, to share in their titles over land and the elements. In this way, they ward off the wasting effects of cold and starvation on their citizens. But the untimely death of a royal lineage's last heir has bequeathed an entire kingdom over to Winter, and now the land is slowly, mercilessly freezing over. As the frostbitten peasants struggle to survive, can the catastrophe be stopped?
    • An old, reclusive, somewhat mad artist has died, but strange, melancholy figures have been seen painted on the walls of the house, which seem to move and change every day. The locals think that the house is haunted, but the truth is far more unusual.
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