Mapimí Silent Zone
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Basic Information

The Mapimi Silent Zone ("Zona del Silencio" in Spanish) is a region in Mexico's Chihuahuan desert where allegedly radio transmissions cannot be received. This property was discovered in July of 1970 when a faulty Athena missile from the White Sands Missile Range impacted here and was later discovered and retrieved by US Air Force investigators with the help of the Mexican government. The Mexican government later established a research base here, allegedly to study the plant and animal life of this region, but

'strange lights, floating orbs, burning bushes, flying saucers, and alien encounters have all been reported with a degree of abundance'[1]

as well as

'reports of encounters with strange humanoid creatures. One ranch family claims they are regularly visited by a trio of blonde, long haired humanoids, two males and a female, that speak perfect Spanish. As the story goes, the visitors only ask for water, never for food or other provision. And when asked once by the rancher where they came from, they reportedly answered "from above".'[1]

Another visiting researcher who was lost in the desert was allegedly rescued by these blonde humanoids, while a TV crew was helped by "strange beings" wearing long raincoats and ball caps.


1. Zone of Silence @ Mexico Less Traveled

Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps an alien mothership is buried there?
  • Those "blonde humanoids" sound like the Nordic aliens, though the "raincoat wearing" aliens might be another type. Perhaps the Zone is a neutral meeting ground?
  • Equally we may be looking at some kind of dimensional weak-spot or an entrance to a hollow earth environment.
  • The radio dead-spot is a common characteristic of bad places - although it seems so far that this is the only negative characteristic the Silent Zone possesses (other than being a desert).
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