Maryland PR Firm Runs For Congress
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March 16, 2010: Following a recent ruling by the US Supreme Court which classified corporate contributions to politics as free speech, a public relations company from Maryland has decided to run for the United States Congress to take the concept of "corporate personhood" to its logical conclusion.



Game and Story Use

  • This could be a harbinger of a Cyberpunk future where corporations can hold political office - perhaps even that of president!
  • This is the logical extension of the concept of a person in law as applied to a corporation.
  • It might even be a common feature of some kinds of state - given that the Roman Senate used to qualify people for membership by how much property they owned, a corporation (had they existed and been given citizen status) might well have qualified - assuming that none of its business interests disbarred it (which in most cases they would have done). Still, it's not unthinkable for a legislative assembly to have some of its seats held by corporate interests - and possibly more honest than having them covertly rent other peoples representatives instead…
    • For example it would be entirely congruent for a medieval parliament or republican congress to have seats on it for the masters of guilds.
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