Masdar City
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Basic Information

Masdar City is a planned city in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. It is intended to be extremely environmentally efficient and keep energy consumption and waste production to a minimum. Vehicles will be permitted to park only at the boundaries, making this a pedestrian-only city. Masdar City has conceptual similarities to arcologies, but unlike them is built on a horizontal scale.



Game and Story Use

  • Masdar City can serve as a good template for "futuristic" cities that are built with totally different technological and social assumptions.
  • The lack of conventional streets and vehicles will make it difficult for characters to plan criminal activities (i.e., no getaway cars).
    • But equally police will have to arrive on foot as well and so a fugitive in good physical condition might have a distinct advantage.
  • A walled city with its own power might be very useful after the end - or could become a deathtrap if over automated and controlled by a rogue AI (or infested with zombies - especially if there are relatively few gates in the wall).
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