Mayor Resigns, Claims Abduction By Satan Worshippers
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November 21, 2007: The mayor of the town of Centerton, Arkansas, United States resigns, and claims that he had been abducted by Satanists.


Game and Story Use

  • A campaign involving the occult influence and evil cults could make use of this.
    • Note that the occult forces don't have to be real; just because the creepy cult does not actually wield demonic power doesn't mean they aren't dangerous with the mundane means at their disposal.
      • Of course, you'll want to keep the PC's guessing as to whether or not the magic is real!
  • Another take: Perhaps the abduction is a hoax, intended to rouse public sentiment against an eccentric sect that is wrongly believed to be Satanic.
    • Or rightly - just because they were falsely accused doesn't mean they're the good guys…
  • Mission Impossible plot: The PC's are the ones abducting the corrupt mayor and are pretending to be Satanists as part of a complex con job.
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