McCloud Speech
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Think Die Hard III.

Basic Information

In any Cop Show where the protagonist is a Cowboy Cop especially prone to causing mayhem in the process of catching the bad guys, episodes will often end with their boss dragging them into their office. Da Chief will then proceed to go down The Long List of regulations the Cowboy Cop has bent or broken, capping the list with the one heroic thing they did that will make the boss give them a begrudging congratulations instead of the axe. Example: "You threatened civilians, wrecked three squad cars, started a public disturbance in a night club, blackmailed a librarian, threw the head of the city council into the lake… and saved the President's daughter from terrorists."



Game and Story Use

  • Let's hope that the PC's have actually done something heroic to counter all the crazy crap they've pulled up to this point!
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