Me Squad
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You and what army?

Basic Information

Sometimes you need a little help, but would rather not have to explain your actions. Maybe you have no friends, maybe you're up to no good, maybe the situation is just too complicated to bring anyone else up to speed. Whatever the reason to do it, Time Travelers have an advantage other characters lack. They can ask themselves for help! (See also: Helping Yourself In The Future).

The Me Squad is a group of your future (or past) selves, assembled to take on a single task. The squad is formed similar to the Wild Stallion Rule, where you just make up your mind that you'll do it, and suddenly your alternate selves start showing up. There's never a shortage of manpower for time travelers.

However, you should think twice before calling on a Me Squad in a dangerous situation - you're making multiple targets out of yourself. As with the Wild Stallion Rule, if your your request goes unanswered, that's a good sign that something is about to go very wrong.

A variation of this called "Temporal Fugue" is used in Simon Hawke's Time Wars series. The traveler's time machine is pre-programmed to repeatedly send him to the same point in time. The result is an army of duplicates which only lasts for a minute or two… or until one of the dupes is disabled or killed, in which case all the later dupes disappear.

Other things that can go wrong with a Me Squad:

This can also be done by bringing together selves from alternate realities - which doesn't involve time looping but can create its own problems.


1. RPG: Continuum calls this the Gemini Flush, and using it is inviting Frag. See the Continuum page for explanations.
2. Books The Ivanhoe Gambit by Simon Hawke uses the "Temporal Fugue" in its climactic battle

Game and Story Use

  • Yet another clever trick that anyone with a Time Machine can do (assuming there's not some law of temporal conservation to prevent it). Dangerous in some situations, perhaps, but extremely useful.
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