Medical Examiner
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Basic Information

A Medical Examiner is a physician specializing in forensic pathology, who performs post-mortem investigations / autopsies, and rules on / reports on cause of death. They are generally board-certified, trained professionals.

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Game and Story Use

  • Player Characters are so often involved in investigations and shenanigans, so the local ME could prove to be a valuable ally (or a determined nemesis if they PCs are type who leave a trail of dead bodies in their wake).
  • It seems like the job of Medical Examiner would be an appealing line of work for a serial killer, necromancer, or other unsavory types. Lots of access to dead bodies, and the authority to make sure no one else looks too closely at them. You do need the appropriate training and certification to qualify for the job, which may be difficult to come by if you're a vampire and there's not a good night school program. Unlike a coroner, there's no political component, so there's less chance of someone digging up your history and misdeeds. So a properly skilled and educated bad guy might want to go into this line of work.
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