Meet Mr Green Genes - the world's first glow-in-the-dark cat
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October 23, 2008. Scientists in New Orleans have managed to create a cat that glows green in the dark. Called "Mr Green Genes", the cat was created as an experiment which should help combat various diseases. Mr Green Genes is apparently in perfect health.

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Game and Story Use

  • Sights like this can be used to create an eerie atmosphere and foreshadow more far-reaching experiments. Even a mad scientist working on far grander schemes may have a few things like this around his laboratory, if only because the research started with simple experiments.
  • Such blatantly unnatural tinkering can be used to predispose the players against the responsible party without revealing too much important information. Because of this it can also help make a Red Herring work.
    • Particularly effective when it turns out the owner accquired a luminous cat because they were sick of their previous pets getting run over (or just tripping them up in the dark) rather than for any sinister reason.
  • Something similar may happen as a side effect of a supernatural shapeshifting ability that doesn't work quite as it should.
  • If it has an Unstable Genetic Code, it might evolve into some hideous monster.
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