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Basic Information

Megacryometeors are very large chunks of ice which, despite having some similarities with hailstones, form under unusual atmospheric conditions which are not yet well understood.

In January, 2006, megacyrometeors up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg) rained out of cloudless skies over Spain for 10 days. That's just peanuts compared to the biggest megacryometeor - the largest one to hit Brazil was 490 lbs (220 kg).



Game and Story Use

  • Megacryometeors might be potent magical components for water and ice-related magic.
    • And/or a result of weather magic.
  • So how do they form? Perhaps they are the corpses of air or water elementals which die high in the atmosphere…
  • You'd think 200 lb hunks of ice would be a well-known and well-documented occurrence if it's been happening for any amount of time - but there's no study of these things prior to the year 2000. Perhaps this is a recent event only?
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