Melancholic Personality
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Basic Information

The Melancholic Personality is one of the four basic personality types according to Humorism. It is the personality type associated with the humor known as Black Bile.

A melancholic person is organized, thoughtful, and hardworking, but prone to perfectionism, suspicion, and depression. They are independent to the point of introversion.


Game and Story Use

  • May be used as a characterization handle for dictating how a particular PC or NPC behaves.
  • In humorism, this personality type is associated with the Classical Element of Earth, which might suggest ideas for any magic or powers the character might have.
  • A good match for reclusive NPCs with unconventional world views and strong mental stats, such as sages, hermits and alchemists.
  • Melancholics carry grudges, which may result in such an initially-neutral NPC becoming a recurring villain if they feel they've been wronged by the PCs.
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