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Basic Information

Metal is a category of element, material or chemical with the following properties: Metals conduct heat and electricity relatively well (and some specific metals do so extremely well). They have a luster or shininess, either naturally or when polished or prepared to bring it out. They are ductile (meaning you can draw them out to create wires) and/or malleable (meaning you can hammer them out into thin sheets).

When a two or more metals are blended together, or a metal is blended with a non-metal, they form an alloy.

Many metals are only found on earth as ore, a rock or mineral compound which can be processed to extract its metal content. Some metals also occur as pure deposits of metal needing little or no processing.

Metallurgy (literally "metalworking") has been a key part of human cultural development with many of the eras of our development delineated by the metals in use at that point … these eras, perforce, tend to be based on the technological progress of central Eurasia and do not necessarily reflect conditions, or even sequence, elsewhere in the world1, but are still an important frame of reference.

Some Notable Metals:

Fictional and Mythological Metals

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