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Basic Information

A military represents the authorized armed forces of a nation that can react to real or perceived outside threats, such as wars.

For a list of Bases, Bunkers, and Facilities, see Military Holdings.

Military Organizations

Paramilitary Organizations

Military Units, Specializations, and Designations

Military Technology


For a list of historic wars, and a categorization of types of war, see War

Military News and Events

Historical Officers

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Game and Story Use

  • If the player characters are members of the military, then it gives the game master an easy way to structure the campaign forward - the player characters go on adventures because their superiors tell them so.
    • Some players might resent the lack of freedom in such campaigns, however - and often blatantly violate or ignore orders in ways that would get them a court-martial in real life.
  • Conversely, maybe the military represents the enemy in a campaign. While actual quality of the enemy forces might vary - from elite special forces to trigger-happy dumb grunts who can barely read, in general the military tends to be better armed and more numerous than the player characters, forcing them to outwit their enemies.
    • Of course, if the PCs are members of an army as well, their equipment might be just as good if not better. But outwitting their enemies is probably still a good idea, given the lethality of most military weapon systems…
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