Milkman Conspiracy
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Basic Information

They're ubiquitous; they're innocuous. You see them every day and barely take any notice of them. Who would ever suspect that they control more power than the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission and CIA combined? They're the Milkman Conspiracy. Or the Girl Scouts. Or the Fulsome Brush Institute. Don't ask what nefarious deeds they may be plotting; you'll sleep better not knowing.

This Trope is in play whenever the powers behind some Ancient Conspiracy turn out to not be the shadow government or the Illuminati (or even Corrupt Corporate Executives), but are instead some seemingly harmless and unorganized group, like the guys who deliver milk.

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2. movie: The President's Analyst (1967)

Game and Story Use

  • Handled the right way, this could be majorly creepy, with the players not knowing exactly who they can trust.
  • Or it could just be silly. Still, in the right sort of campaign with the right suspension of disbelief, it can work.
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