Millionaire Playboy
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"I've got women lined up outside my door;
They've been waiting there since the week before;
Who could ask for more?
This is the life!"

— "Werid Al" Yankovic

Basic Information

He's the guy with a beautiful woman on each arm, his pockets full of cash and a sports car that costs more than some small countries. He's not just a Casanova, he's an obscenely-rich Casanova, thank you. And what's the point of being rich if you can't enjoy it?


Game and Story Use

  • Can be difficult to incorporate into a group as a PC, because he might short-circuit the plot by throwing money at it. On the other hand, he can also be a useful supplier of equipment and stuff for the Party
  • He could make a good NPC party Patron
  • He could make an even better adversary, and a difficult one to defeat.
  • He might need protection from powerful enemies/jealous boyfriends.
  • As Bruce Wayne demonstrates, it can also be a useful cover identity.
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