Mima Mounds
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Basic Information

Mima Mounds are a type of terrain consisting of numerous small mounds with heights reaching more than 2 meters in some cases, as well as a diameter of up to 9 meters. In some areas they are formed in tight patterns, like a field of giant-sized bubble wrap. Theories for their creation range from the activities of pocket gophers, to post-glacial melting effects, to UFOs.


1. "Mounds of Mystery.....???" @ Rainier Visitor Guide

Game and Story Use

  • Then again, these might as well be fairy mounds.
    • Or barrows or cairns.
    • Or a bunch of red-herrings surrounding a single hill that has some fantastic treasure buried beneath it.
  • Could be good terrain for a fight scene. There's lots of little hills to take cover behind, or to grant a bonus for holding the high ground if your rule set is that detail-oriented. The mounds are just dirt and gravel, so they'll stop handguns and arrows, but may not offer nearly as much protection against heavy weapons. Overall, it's probably difficult terrian worth a movement penalty unless your actively sticking to the low land between all the mounds (which probably limits which directions you can move, so that's an entirely different trade-off).
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