Mirror Matter Star
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Basic Information

A Mirror Matter Star is a huge body of Mirror Matter that's essentially just like a star except it's intangible and emits no light or heat that we can detect. It would appear as just a huge gravity well, altering trajectories and orbits as if a star were there. You could still be crushed or caught by it's gravity.

Another tell-tale sign might be that sometimes light passing through the region would change wavelengths, color, intensity, or direction - though these variations may be two weak and brief for the naked eye to discern.

Note that to a life-form made of Mirror Matter, the mirror-matter star would have all the properties that a mundane star has in our perceptions.



Game and Story Use

  • With that much gravity coming from the Mirror Matter Star, it might start to accumulate normal matter in the location. Thus a normal planet or brown dwarf might form in the same location as Mirror Matter Star, but with significantly more gravity than the planet "should" have for it's size.
  • A Binary System might consist of a "real" star and it's shadowy companion.
  • Unlike a Black Hole, the Mirror Matter Star wouldn't prevent you from seeing what's behind it. However, from a distance, it might be difficult to tell a Mirror Matter Star from a black hole, since you don't know how large it is, or exactly how far away it is. Getting close enough to reliably discern the two may be dangerous.
    • And there's nothing to stop a black hole from being made out of Mirror Matter, nor to say indisputably that black holes aren't caused by mirror matter stars overlapping mundane stars.
  • For additional ideas, see Mirror Matter.
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