Miss. woman gets shot in head, makes tea
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April 18, 2009: A woman was shot in the head by her husband, but she survived despite the fact that the bullet had passed through her brain. When a deputy arrived at her house, she was somewhat confused, but still standing, and offered the deputy tea.



Game and Story Use

  • Having seemingly mortally wounded people carry on as if nothing happened can be used to shock the PCs as well.
    • In some settings, this might be an effect of some kind of zombie infection - such people will be kept "alive" by the zombie virus, but they haven't gone truly "feral" yet. Which will happen later on, of course… so will the PCs be able to take such a person out of her misery?
  • This also demonstrates the unpredictable effects of brain injury - whilst it may stretch credibility for someone to take an arrow through the head and survive (say, due to lucky dice rolling) it is entirely possible. Equally a fairly mild tap could cause a fatal haemorrage … you can never tell.
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