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This page is about the camera support. For the mythological creature, see Monopod (creature)

Basic Information

A monopod or unipod is a staff or pole used to steady a camera, scope, or similar device. They are easier to use and move than a tripod, but not as steady as one, and cannot stand on their own without a human holding them.

Monopods were also used to support many early firearms such as cannon lock hand cannons and matchlock muskets. The support carried most of the weight of the gun and usually freed one of the operator's hands to operate the firing mechanism.

A Chestpod is a monopod that rests against your chest instead of the ground. Just as a monopod is faster but not as steady as a tripod, the chestpod is faster but not as steady as a monopod.
A Jacob Staff is a compass atop a monopod.
A finnstick is a monopod for high-powered binoculars].
Swine feathers were musket-rest type monopods with a metal spike added above the rest so that it could be used as a short spear or a defensive stake.



Game and Story Use

  • Probably worth a small bonus on rolls relating to keeping your scope on target or filming video without that nauseatingly bumpy Blair Witch effect.
  • In desperation, may serve as a simple staff or improvised weapon.
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