Monte Ne, Arkansas
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Basic Information

Monte Ne is an area in the Ozark hills of the White River valley east of Rogers on the edge of Beaver Lake in the U.S. State of Arkansas. The area was once a health resort and ambitious planned community in the early 1900s, though its construction was never completed because its owner and benefactor, William Hope Harvey, became obsessed with the idea that the world was coming to an end.

As a result of his belief, Harvey subsequently diverted all of his wealth into "The Pyramid" project, a construction plan that would result in the creation of a timeless repository that all of mankind's important contributions would be preserved within for posterity. The repository would, of course, be shaped like a giant pyramid or obelisk. Due to the stock market crash of 1929, only the roughly semi-circular, terraced amphitheater at the foundation of the planned pyramid was completed.

In a last ditch effort to save his project and Monte Ne, Harvey sent letters to wealthy men asking for funds. In his letters he explained that civilization was dying and that only rich men, like the intended readers, could save it, if they sent money for his pyramid. Despite the fact that Harvey claimed his correspondence was "the most important letter ever written" he received no replies and the pyramid was never built.

The remainder of the resort and town was almost completely submerged after Beaver Lake was created in 1964. Today, the only remains of Monte Ne are the "tower" complex of Harvey's Oklahoma Row resort, the amphitheater, and the retaining wall for the never constructed pyramid. The latter two structures are under the waters of Beaver Lake most of the time.


Game and Story Use

  • William "Coin" Hope Harvey's obsession with ancient architecture actually stemmed from his fascination with the occult.
    • Harvey's pyramid was being constructed as part of a magical ritual. The ritual was only partially completed.
      • Harvey's ghost haunts the property, unable to rest until the pyramid construction is completed.
      • Harvey was attempting to summon an evil deity that now remains trapped between its world and ours.
      • Generally they might well have had a damned (ahem) good reason for putting a reservoir on top of the place.
  • Harvey was actually the victim of a con man and the letters he sent to his wealthy friends asking for funds were part of an elaborate (heh heh) Pyramid Scheme. Can the PCs discover the truth?
  • In a space travel game: The PCs find a formerly-inhabited planet. Aside from the various apocalyptic logs, there's a large structure with all of the former inhabitants' accomplishments.
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