Montevallo, Alabama
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Basic Information

Located in the exact geographical center of Alabama. Montevallo is a small town dating back to before the Civil War. It is a small rural town that still has a Main Street. The town still maintains a rustic appearance with the mainstreet being entirely brick. The town is also home to the University of Montevallo. One of the great sites in Montevallo is Orr Park which contains tree carvings done by a local artist. These range from animals to people and even a dragon.
The campus has a long rich history and truly looks like something belonging in the South. With it's brick streets and a few buildings from before the civil war this campus has a lot to offer. The campus is one land that used to be a plantation
Montevallo (especially the campus) is one of the most haunted place in Alabama. The land was originally part of a plantation owned by the King family (an old planter family not around anymore). The house is haunted. the family plot is also on campus and intact. Reynolds Hall which currently houses the theater Department and Alumni Relations dates was a civil war hospital which saw wounded caused by a northern raiding party. Reynolds himself died on the steps because he swore to never leave his men and his ghost is supposed to roam the halls.
UM was originally a technical school for women which offered high school level courses but is now co-ed. Montevallo is also home to the oldest homecoming tradition in the US College Night which does not revolve around football at all as UM does not have a football team.
The most well known ghost on campus is the ghost of a girl who died in a fire. She was making fudge on a hotplate when her room caught fire. You could see her screaming face in the grain of the door. The door was replaced and here face appeared on this one too. No one is allowed to live in this room but people still live in all the rooms around it.
Probably the most famous member of the faculty is Eugene Bondurant Sledge. He is best known for his book With the Old Breed which describes his experiences fighting in the Pacific during World War II including Okinawa. His book is considered to be one of the greatest accounts of war and many people say that Sledge would have won the Medal of Honor if more of his comrades had survived.


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