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Basic Information

A Monument is a type of structure built to commemorate a person or event of importance. These include statues, war memorials, and historic buildings. By that definition, a simple gravestone can be considered a monument of sorts, but the word usually implies something grander. A structure not originally built for this purpose might be considered a monument if it becomes embraced by people as a symbol of their cultural heritage.

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Game and Story Use

  • An important memorial might make a good setting for a scene
    • "You will meet your contact in front of the War Memorial in Fountain Park."
  • An important McGuffin might be hidden somewhere inside or underneath a memorial
    • The trick is, how do you find it without getting arrested for defacing public property?
      • The answer: put on a Hi-Viz, fence it off and, if you like, put up a tarp tent. Unless the actual maintenance people are around no-one will question you.
    • Or perhaps inscriptions on the memorial might provide important information.
    • The memorial might itself be plot-significant: magically important in some way, or even just for symbolic value.
  • As recent history shows, monuments can be rather contentious when the person or event celebrated is no longer considered worth celebrating.
    • And even more so if whether the person or event is "worth celebrating" is itself disputed. Even a monument with little to no artistic value can serve as a rallying point if it commemorates a controversial figure.
  • A monument divorced from its original context is a great mystery for archaeologist or historian characters. "Who was the Hatshepsut person mentioned in this carving?"
  • Building a monument to yourself is a classic sign of vanity, whether the dictator whose watchful cameo is carved everywhere or the ruined "my name is Ozymandias" statue of a fallen civilization.
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