Moroccan "snuff film"
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Basic Information

In a column about the existence of Snuff Films, arch-fact-checker Cecil Adams came across the following weirdity:

"…McIlvenny says the third film involving an actual death was a bizarre religious number from Morocco in which a hunchbacked kid was torn apart by wild horses while men stood around and masturbated. Sick, but not intended as commercial pornography."



Game and Story Use

  • Not sure how to use this in a game, but being torn apart by wild horses is a grisly form of execution reportedly used by tribes of barbaric horsemen. PCs captured by such a tribe could be threatened with such a death, or they might witness such an execution. The masturbation, of course, would be purely optional.
  • Note the "religious number" reference. What bloody religion would that be? Shades of demonolatry and human sacrifice perhaps? The sort of entities that would accept a deformed sacrifice, torn to pieces with a seasoning of sexual energy are not the sort to be invoked lightly … or at all by sane people.
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