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The Multiverse is the theoretical summation of all extant universes.

Basic Information

The Multiverse represents the summation of all possible settings. It provides a framework for alternate universes. Max Tegmark invented a four tier system for classifying multiverses:

  • A type I multiverse would be an infinite physical universe with other "universes" existing unthinkable light years apart, kept seperate by the length of time to travel between them.
  • A type II multiverse would include universes with separate physical spaces that may have differing physical laws.
  • The type III multiverse would include a seperate reality for each quantum event, every time a decision is made, a coin is tossed, or a die rolled a separate universe is created for each possible result.
  • The type IV Multiverse is the existence of every mathematically describable universe.

A related concept is modal realism, which claims that every universe describable by language physically exists, including fictions!

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Game and Story Use

  • The Multiverse can be background, or travel through the Multiverse can be the main focus of a campaign.
  • Versions of characters from alternate realities can be a great source for PCs and NPCs alike.
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