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A mutant is an organism (such as an animal, plant or person) who has a mutation or alteration to their DNA. (In some cases the alteration may be to the RNA instead, such as in a virus which has no DNA.)

This mutation may be caused by random chromosomal damage due to environment factor such as a mutagen, toxin or radiation. It may be a replication error. It may be a normal part of evolution, or it could be evidence of genetic engineering, or it may be part of an illness such as a cancer or tumor. The mutation might be present in every cell of the organism and have been there from conception, or it may start in a single cell that then reproduces and slowly grows.

A mutation could be something as simple as a slight coloration change, or it could be more pronounced such as radically divergent limb structure. Many mutations, especially radical or large-scale ones, can prove to be lethal to the organism. Others may prove to be advantageous and after a bit of natural selection become the new normal for the species (or the basis of a new species).

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