Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions on Hog Farms
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Basic Information

May 15, 2013: About 25% of hog farms in Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa suffer from a mysterious foam developing from hog feces which emits toxic gases like hydrogen sulfate and flammable ones like methane. This has already caused several explosions causing the deaths of hundreds of pigs. So far, scientists have been unable to explain how the foam develops, although an antibiotics treatment for the foam seems promising.



Game and Story Use

  • Are the pigs suffering from some kind of alien parasite that alters their digestive systems?
  • Using antibiotics would be a really stupid approach to this problem - it's precisely that sort of thing that breeds resistance in bacteria which is a massive threat to human health. Competent housing management would not only prevent this problem but also gives the opportunity to use the flammable gases evolved for power generation.
  • If it could be stabilised, naturally occurring foam explosive might be able to find a market.
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