Mythological Creatures
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Basic Information

Mythological Creatures are non-human beings which appear in mythology and folklore.

For specific non-humans with a personality, see Mythological Characters.

Creatures which are derived from fiction are listed in the Fictional Creatures entry, as well, as under the appropriate Fictional Locations entry.

Categories of Mythological Creatures

List of Mythological Creatures

See Also


1. Encyclopedia Mythica - vast collection of myths and folklore from around the world
2. Monsters and the Monstrous - research project on common story elements
3. The Obakemono Project - descriptions of Japanese monsters

The Merrylin Cryptid Museum - the website for a collection of the preserved remains of various mythological creatures.

Game and Story Use

  • Using creatures out of mythology can give critters in your campaign a greater degree of verisimilitude - at least, as far as this is possible with blatantly supernatural entities.
  • Don't hesitate to alter them to suit your campaign to keep your players on their toes.
  • Sometimes a mythological creature will look mundane until it experiences a glamour failure.
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