N Korea 'tests weapons on children'
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July 24, 2009: According to a former member of the elite military forces of North Korea who fled the country in 1999, the government of North Korea forces parents to give up their children if they are mentally ill. These children are then taken away to facilities where the government uses them for testing biological and chemical weapons. One man the refugee knew gave him an eyewitness account of a secret facility on an island near the west coast of the country. According to him, the children were put into a glass chamber. Then the doctors poured poison gas into the chamber and measured how long it would take for the children to die. Others have alleged that political prisoners were also used for such experiments, and were shipped from concentration camps to the "factories where the experiments took place.

Some analysts believe the biological and chemical weapons of North Korea to be an even greater threat than the nuclear weapons of the regime. Apparently, it is standard for members of the special forces to practice how to shoot such weapons at the enemy from close ranges, like from a bazooka. It is estimated that the regime has more than 5,000 tonnes of biochemical weaponry, including mustard gas and nerve agents such as sarin, as well as anthrax and cholera.

See Also

  • Josef Mengele - a Nazi who was responsible for similar "experiments".
  • Unit 731 - a Japanese military unit active in World War II which was responsible for similar experiments - and which might have been the direct inspiration for the North Korean program.


Game and Story Use

  • In a superhero campaign, liberating such children could be one of the most heroic feats imaginable - especially considering that the resources of an entire nation will be used to stop them from achieving their goal and getting out again.
    • Furthermore, the North Korean government - which isn't too stable or sane at the best of times - might be provoked into starting a war about this. This will put the player characters into even greater moral dilemmas…
  • Of course, testing chemical weapons on mentally disabled children makes for an almost suspiciously good media blackwash… or Zero Approval Gambit.
  • In a campaign set after a Weird WWII, it's possible that North Korea might have gotten some of Hitler's notes. Remember, the term holocaust originally referred to a type of sacrifice
  • As the bad taste joke goes: The North Korean government was revealed yesterday to be killing its own citizens in weapons tests … the leak also revealed that there is a ten year waiting list to volunteer for the trials due to ammunition shortages.
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