Native American Mythology
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Basic Information

Native American Mythology is the folklore, beliefs, myths and stories of the indigenous peoples of the New World. There are hundreds of cultures falling into this category.

By Region or Culture

Some of the preceding myths have become part of or influenced the Folklore of the United States and South American Folklore

Links to existing pages:

Here are links to pages about Native American Mythology broken out by topic, rather than tribe. (Tribes the myths come from are listed in parenthesis and italics after each entry, as a helpful guide where appropriate.)



Concepts and Religious Practices:


Game and Story Use

  • There are a lot of different cultures and mythologies of the New World. It's not just one big homogenous mix, but is tied to tribes and regions. The nature of your setting and characters will determine which are of use to your campaign or story.
  • Even if your game isn't set on the earth, you may find Native American approach to mythology to be a captivating inspiration.
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