Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele 'created twin town in Brazil'
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January 21, 2009: Article documents that about 1 in 5 births is identical twins in the small town of Candido Godoi, Brazil. Joseph Mengele, under an assumed name, made visits to the town as a Veterinarian, and later Doctor, in the 1960s. Mengele is the infamous Nazi doctor who evaded justice until his death in 1979. One of his known assignments for Nazi Germany during World War Two was to try to isolate what factors caused Identical Twins, and thus increase the birth rate of the Third Reich. While he did not accomplish that goal before Hitler's defeat, the majority of the sets of Twins in Candido Godoi do have blonde hair and blue eyes.


Game and Story Use

  • Fuel for any Boys from Brazil storyline, with escaped Nazi's performing deranged experiments on unsuspecting mothers and children.
    • Does the genetic meddling stop at just producing twins, or is there more sinister genetic engineering afoot?
  • Does this have any connection to "Doctors baffled by Indian village of over 200 sets of twins"? Is someone trying to reproduce Mengele's work? Are there Nazi doctors hiding in India? Or is it just a Red Herring to lead the PCs across the globe?
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