New Mexico
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"There's a NEW Mexico?!??"
- Homer Simpson

Basic Information

New Mexico is a state in the Southwestern United States. The climate of New Mexico is arid. Common terrain features in NM are Mountain, Desert, and High Plains.

New Mexico has a long and colorful history:

Yet despite all that, for some reason many Americans forget that New Mexico even exists. New Mexico Magazine has a regular column called "One Of Our 50 is Missing", where readers write in with their experiences concerning times when people refused to believe them that NM is a part of the US.

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Game and Story Use

  • New Mexico is a natural setting for The Western.
  • With all those Military Holdings and UFO incidents, this is a natural place for a government conspiracy game.
  • Are the balloons part of a celebration, or mass spy work? Balloons can only travel along the air currents and with all that military zoning, wouldn't you think twice about allowing a statewide balloon fiesta go on?
  • There are lots of national ghost stories, so why not look for ones close to home or at least close to where the game is taking place - like La Llorona (also called the Ditch Witch).
  • If your game system has flaws / hindrances / disadvantages, you could take "One Of Our 50 Is Missing" as a flaw. The character was born in New Mexico, and hits all sorts of bureaucratic troubles as Government Agencies, Corporations, and the like constantly confuse your country of origin. "For the last time, I don't need to speak to the Mexican Embassy, as I'm a natural-born citizen of the United States! I don't need a green card, and you can't deport me! Now can I please get my automobile registration updated?" Obviously, this will rarely be a problem if the character remains in New Mexico, except perhaps when doing business over the phone or internet. But wander more than one State in any direction, and you're asking for trouble. :)
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