Newspaper Dating
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Basic Information

Newspaper Dating is the second-most common way for a Time Traveler to find out the date and year they've arrived at. You walk up to a newspaper stand and look at the dateline, not just the headline.

This method is nice and subtle, but only works in some eras.

The more common, and much less subtle, method is to ask some passerby "What Year Is This?"


Game and Story Use

  • The Veteran Chrononaut does this instead of asking someone the year - it's a lot less conspicuous. See What Year Is This? for a brief discussion of other options, and the dangers of asking such a memorable question.
  • On your way to that Newspaper stand, look up at the sky. If you see any Zeppelins, that probably means you're in an Alternate History.
  • The TV show Rome from HBO showed a huge calendar, but I have yet to find a source that tells me if this was factual or a TV embellishment. It was a sort of lattice framework set into a wall, with compartments corresponding to the months and days - a marker was advanced by one box per day.
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