Newspaper Ghost
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By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Adventure Seed

You have been receiving messages from the Great Beyond. The ghost of a long-dead newspaperman has returned to earth to write his last big scoop and he needs your help to do it. It involves a scandal behind a powerful Australian media empire; you know the one, the one with a cute, cuddly wallaby as its mascot? The truth got the reporter killed; and now he wants you to resurrect his story.

The problem is, the ghost cannot communicate with you directly; only through the printed word. He can make individual words or groups of words on newspaper or magazine pages glow with an eerie, ghostly aura.

What is the Wallaby's secret, and can you uncover it without becoming a ghost yourself?

(And yes, I cribbed my inspiration from an old educational kid's show called Ghostwriter)

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