Niagara Falls Tunnels
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Basic Information

Below the Niagara Falls, there is an old, abandoned hydroelectric power plant. Huge shafts poured water into giant wheelpits, where turbines were located which powered much of the industry of southwestern Ontario early in the 20th century. The water was then released at lower elevations behind the Niagara Falls themselves.

The tunnels have been abandoned for more than 30 years now, and their metal structures have rotted away due to the moisture. The higher-elevation parts power plant itself are currently being renovated, and because of this the tunnels will become inaccessible.

See Also


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Game and Story Use

  • "Inaccessible due to renovation" - and we are supposed to believe that? No way - either some sort of secret society or a supervillain will snap this up as a lair!
  • More generally, huge, rock built structures like this are the sort of thing that gets left behind in an after the end setting or as precursor artifacts. No-one knows why the ancients dug tunnels around the waterfall - some people suspect a religious significance1 - but the fact remains that these ancient and mysterious tunnels, created by means unknown to modern science, are definitely there.
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