NKorea empties foreign accounts - report
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June 17, 2009: In anticipation of sanctions and possible further escalation of the conflict on the Korean peninsula, North Korea has started to drain its foreign accounts in Macao and elsewhere in fear that they might be frozen.

The bank Banco Delta Asia in Macao is suspected of money-laundering on behalf of North Korea, as well as handling their counterfeit notes.



Game and Story Use

  • The player characters could be spies or law enforcement agents trying to stop this withdrawal from happening.
  • Player characters often hang around in seedy adventure towns - and in those, lots of money from dubious sources tends to circulate. However, if a big sponsor of this community suddenly needs to withdraw all its funds - because of a war or another reason - there will likely be significant power struggles and panic as this source of revenue dries up. This can be an excellent time for adventures…
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