Non-Religious Organizations
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Basic Information

This page lists organizations that are not religious in nature.

Types of Organizations

Specific Organizations

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Game and Story Use

  • Organizations are often very dangerous foes, since they usually cannot be defeated by killing a particular villain and they are hard to wipe out entirely.
  • They can also be useful patrons or a source of NPC contacts.
  • "Good gravy! Why it's Bobby Feldschmecker! Why, I haven't seen you since we were in the Boy Scouts together!"
    • "Um… Bobby, why are you pointing that gun at me…?"
  • In systems with Life path character creation membership of specific organisations may be a crucial step…
  • Conflict between organizations can be a good source of plots: war and private war being the most obvious, but also corporate espionage, economic sabotage, and various other dirty tricks.
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