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Basic Information

A Noocracy, or "aristocracy of the wise", as defined by Plato, is a social and political system that is "based on the priority of human mind". This differs from a geniocracy by not valuing raw intelligence, but the practical and political intelligence to steer civilization into a new golden age.


Game and Story Use

  • In practice, this might mean that government posts will go to those who pass highest in tests that measure their intelligence quotients.
    • If the number of contenders for the next round of the tests are small and known to each other, ambitious contenders might make sure that the competition has a lower IQ during the time of the test. Getting them to drink alcohol or consume drugs, distracting them with sex, or any other diversion geniuses might come up with…
      • This might be against the rules - or it might not. After all, people who are stupid enough to fall for this probably shouldn't qualify in the first place…
  • Arguably this whole system is self defeating as wise people avoid politics at all costs…
  • Consider that each generation's test is likely written by the highest scorers of the previous generation. With all the trouble we have making a culture blind standardized test, the same issues would probably come up.
  • A noocratic state might, for example, be run by a scribe caste who use their ability to control records and flows of information to maintain dominance - would make for an interesting bronze age republic. A modern example might be a literal bureaucracy where the civil service has simply elbowed the other arms of government out of the way … or subsumed them … leaving a state run by a self-perpetuating administrative blob.
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