North American Aerospace Defense Command
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Basic Information

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is a joint American and Canadian organization that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and defense for the two countries. The headquarters are located at Peterson Air Force Base in El Paso County, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. The nearby Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker has the Alternate Command Center in case the primary command center gets destroyed (for example, by a nuclear attack).



Game and Story Use

  • As one of the most secure government facilities on the planet, Cheyenne Mountain represents the ultimate modern-day dungeon that can be infiltrated by the PCs.
    • And in After The End campaigns, it might even be filled by actual monsters - for instance, if everyone inside was infected with the zombie virus.
  • NORAD should also be on the high-priority list for any power seeking to decapitate the United States.
  • Until 1994, the base under Kolsas Mountain in Norway provided a similar service for NATO Northern Command.
  • This is also a good "seat of government" … or at least one of several rival governments for an after the end setting.
  • Could also be the seat of a coup - or even just a dissenting faction in a scenario in which the chain of government was sufficiently disrupted (say a Debt of Honour Style attack which eliminates the President and most of the obvious candidates for his replacement).
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