North Korea Finds Secret Unicorn Lair
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November 30, 2012: The North Korean government has announced that archaeologists have discovered the lair of an unicorn which was supposedly ridden by the old Korean king Tongmyong.



Game and Story Use

  • It is likely that the story of a unicorn-riding king was created to give that king legitimacy. In fantasy worlds, riding certain fantastic creatures might very well be a royal prerogative - and in High Fantasy, only the legitimate ruler (or someone of his blood) might even be able to ride such beasts.
    • For a specific example regarding unicorns, the Japanese series Juuni Kokki is worth a look.
  • Assuming that the North Korean government discovered an actual unicorn there (perhaps it is immortal) - what could they do with it?
    • Rescuing the unicorn from the clutches of the North Korean government could be an adventure as unusual as it would be dangerous…
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