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Basic Information

The NRS-2 was a rather gimmicky weapon developed by the USSR for special forces use. It consisted of a largish knife with a built in single barrelled derringer capable of firing a silent cartridge. The whole weapon is also allegedly balanced for throwing.

This is not the first bladed weapon with a built in firearm and may or may not be the last, but is probably the only still on issue with a reputable military (as opposed to being bought over the internet by mall-ninjas and other walts).

The Russians also produce the NR-2 … a less exciting device which replaces the derringer with a storage compartment useful for a small survival kit or other supplies.


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Game and Story Use

  • By way of supposition, this sort of "shiny thing" is often imposed on militaries from above by politicians or political appointees - it's the sort of thing that might well have been produced in huge numbers by Nazi Germany if only the idea had occured to someone.
  • A rather gimmicky weapon, but potentially a useful ace to have up your sleeve.
  • Also, note the attraction of such weapons to walts.
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