Nürnberger Reichswald
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Basic Information

The Nürnberger Reichswald is a large forest north of Nuremberg. It was used as a source of sandstone throughout the century, and it was also known as the "Bee Garden of the Holy Roman Empire" for its production of honey (which fell to the Zeidlerei - the beekeepers' guilds).

During World War I and World War II, large tracts of the forest were used as shooting ranges, ammunition depots, and training grounds by the German military. Some of these were still used by the United States Military (which had a garrison in neighboring Erlangen) during the Cold War (including a facility where, according to rumors, nuclear weapons were stored, but these were removed after the Cold War ended.

The Nürnberger Reichswald is criss-crossed by a multitude of forest paths, most of which are slightly curved. Combined with the gently rolling hills in the forest, this makes orientation difficult - especially during times of overcast sky - and sometimes causes visitors to get lost.



Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps fairies still live in the forest who like to confuse travelers and cause them to get lost.
    • Possibly they were given honey as gifts by the Zeidlers to pacify them. Now that they no longer receive such gifts, they have become more hostile.
  • There might be underground Nazi bunkers hidden in the forest, possibly containing treasure or Nazi secrets.
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