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Basic Information

The olgoi-khorkhoi (literally "large intestinal worm", or Mongolian Death Worm, is a large cryptid reputed to live in the Western Gobi Desert. It travels underground and can be detected by the ripples in the sand it causes. It can kill at a distance, either via an electrical discharge or spraying a venom (which also corrodes metal). It preys on camels and lays its eggs in their intestines.


1. Death Worm - an interpretation for the Pathfinder RPG.

Game and Story Use

  • Considering how quickly invasive species spread around the world, it is entirely possible that someone introduces it to whatever desert is currently nearby to the player characters - accidentally or deliberately.
  • Given the remote and unpleasant nature of its habitat - not to mention the large number of military exclusion zones in the region - just looking for this critter is an adventure in itself.
    • Finding it may make things much worse…
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