Omnipotent Plot Device
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Basic Information

The omnipotent plot device is a form of character as device, consisting of an essentially invulnerable and omnipotent NPC that exists to provide adventure hooks, resolve irretrievable plot break downs and otherwise peform (potentially literal) instances of deus ex machina. They may also serve much the same function as the ragdoll avatar, at the other end of the power spectrum and can be closely related to the Enigmatic Minion.

This is the character most likely to soak up the entire party's best alpha strike and ask if they knew how much the suit they just ruined cost, or ask them not to do that again because it's annoying.


  • The appearance of the angel Castiel in Supernatural shows something like this at work.
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Game and Story Use

  • Use with extreme care - used badly these can turn into DM NPCs that leave players feeling helpless and/or railroaded.
  • Definitely not to be used to kill PCs without a very good reason - ideally their power and invulnerability should be demonstrated ahead of time, but some players will try to kill them anyway. Ideally the OPD will swat them away in a non-lethal manner, get on with his business and then walk away. This is not an excuse for the DMPC/BBEG to thrash the players.
  • If friendly, should mainly stick to being a benevolent version of Orcus on his throne, or turn up to dispose of a hostile equivalent - if they accompany the PCs, resolving all significant conflicts, then they are basically a DMPC and will leave the players feeling like extras.
    • PCs attempting to kill a friendly, powerful character are generally fair game.
    • If you must have the OPD tag long with the party, consider making him a dead weight - or at least a crouching moron hidden bad ass until he is needed for his specific role.
    • Still, resist the temptation to rescue the PCs unless they really have run out of options.
      • If, on the other hand, you (as the GM) realise that you've accidentally shafted the party, that you cannot subtly unshaft them and that they have noticed the problem, an OPD may be just what you need.
  • This is a great role for an almighty janitor or something similar.
  • Can also serve in such roles as the enigmatic minion where they are not directly in conflict with anyone important.
  • When writing stats for these characters (assuming that you do write stats for them), try to ensure that your group munchkin has no possible way of killing them and stealing over-powered items. This is not always possible, so having them exist outside the rules may be a better option.
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