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Basic Information

The onocentaur is a medieval beast (also found in Greek mythology) with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a donkey. In allegorical terms, the onocentaur represents male lust or a hypocrite who speaks of doing good, but actually does evil. Much like the classical centaur, the onocentaur is often depicted carrying a bow; they also sometimes carry clubs.


Game and Story Use

  • A member of the party, particularly a weak-willed rogue, might be contacted by a pair of onocentaurs who tempt him or her with tales of money, mirth, and merry-making. If the unfortunate rogue chooses to partake in the onocentaurs' unethical fun, he or she will awake the following morning also transformed into an onocentaur.
  • In a high-magic setting, powerful wizards might transform lawbreakers (even characters) into onocentaurs and indenture them to the city or private owners as free-thinking beasts of burden.
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